Matt Mccluskey & Valentyn Svit


Today I’m going to show you 3 practical tips for overcoming the spirit of fear in your daily life and decision making. In fact, I have used these 3 tips in my walk with Christ to keep fear out of my life and keep me in a constant state of peace (even in high-pressure situations like preaching). The best part? They’re all centered around the Prince of Peace himself (Jesus!) Let’s get into it. Table of Contents Where does the spirit of fear come from?Practical Tip #1: Peace in Your Daily LifePractical Tip #2: Removing Thought Patterns of FearPractical Tip #3: Overcoming Fear in Decision Making What causes the spirit of fear to come? Whenever our minds are not centered on Christ, fear will often try to make its way into our life uninvited. Sometimes it can happen randomly: You’re driving in your car and all of a sudden…