Today I’d like to talk about a question I’ve heard get asked many times

And that is:

Is there more to christianity than going to church?

There’s this common misconception I hear among people when I ask them, do you believe in Jesus? Or are you a christian?

They automatically respond with:

“Yes, I go to church”

Is there more to God than Church?

But my question was never: “do you go to church?” or “do you attend a meeting of believers?”

You see many people associate knowing Jesus with going to church, but that’s not what it means to know Jesus.

Church is an expression of Jesus and what christianity is, but christianity is not church.

Christianity is following Jesus Christ.

I would even say this:

That christianity is following Jesus and church is just the people that you follow Jesus with.

You see, christianity is a new way of living life in which you follow Jesus together as a church community, as people that love him.

What is Christianity really about?

If you’re only connection to Jesus is a church service that you gather with people once a week, then you’re missing out on all the glory that God has left for us to experience in following him.

And what is that glory?

The glory of the christian life is to see Jesus in our everyday life and in everything we do.

As we follow Jesus in every part of our life, we begin to see his kingdom and begin to bring it with us everywhere we go.

Where do we start on our search for more?

We start with getting to know Jesus. Christianity is simply knowing Jesus on an intimate level.

Not because it’s a requirement or it’s the right thing to do, but because you love him and want to grow in communion with him.

As you grow in him, you begin to hear him and experience the joy of knowing him. Soon he begins to lead you into the fullness of who he has created you to be.

How can we truly know Jesus?

The only way to truly know Jesus is to give yourself completely to him. That means you will have to give him more of your time and devotion.

If all you’re giving to God is a church service once a week, you’re really going to be drowning in your spiritual walk because you’re going to be dependent on others to feed you spiritually.

christianity is more than going to church

When you begin to spend time with him, to give your affection to him, and to give your mind to him, he begins to fill your mind with his thoughts and purposes for your life.

That’s because God’s desire for christian life is for him to possess you and fill you with the Holy spirit so that he can release the fruits/gifts of the spirit through your life.

For this to become a part of your every life and so that their would be no separation between you and God.

If you grew up in a divorced family, you know what separation looks like. It’s one of the most terrible things a child can experience.

Am I right?

Yet this is how many christians treat their relationship with God.

We just add God to a church service once a week and separate him from our everyday life, even though He is the source of life.

But that’s not how it should be…

God is the essence of life and has come to give us new life, a life that is lived in the spirit (Romans 8)

If you’ve believed in Jesus, you have the Holy Spirit in you. However, it’s up to you to allow the Holy Spirit to grow and nurture you.

It’s kind of like a plant.

You plant it, water it, and position it in the right place under sunlight to allow the plant to grow.

This is what we do in the christian life.

God gives us life

We come to him to enjoy him, experience him, read his word and  have fellowship with him so that the life of the spirit may be alive in us. So that we would be the manifestation of Jesus in our generation.

There is so much more

If you’re hungry for more, God has set the table for you to dine and eat of him (the bread of life)

God has prepared so much glory, grace, and encounters for you (and for those around you) that he will reveal through your life as you begin to seek him.

He said seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened, ask and it will be given to you (Matthew 7:7)

Simply come to Jesus… and receive more. Spend time with him and he will show you what more is.

Hope you enjoyed the post

Now I want to hear from you:

What does it mean to live a christian life to you?

How has knowing Jesus impacted your life?

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